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Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church 


Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) - Melbourne Campus 

Our History

In the mid 1980’s the men of Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church organized, planned and executed programs to enhance professional and personal relationships among the male gender.

The men organized a barbeque for the men and boys within the community to break down walls between the young and the young-at-heart.

This was a valiant attempt to foster a long-lasting and indestructible bond between the adult males, teenagers and young boys of our community.

This event was organized by the men of Mt. Moriah under the leadership of Dr. Harvey L. Riley.

Therewith, the summer BBQ became an annual event held under a majestic oak tree.

Lending a helping hand to every person regardless of race or gender was the trade mark.

Mr. Earl Gordon, Deacons Damon Hardison, and Willie Mapp were three of the pioneers who organized this event.

In 1993, the Summit of Seven emerged as a transformation of the annual barbeque into an incredible conference & workshop organized by Deacon Moses L. Harvin.

This event drew over 200 participants in its first year of operation.

Each male was challenged to bring seven other males with him to the Summit, hence the name “Summit of Seven”.

Spiritually, seven means completeness.​ 

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